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Andy Logue -

Guitars, vocals, MIDI pedals


Andy is an unbelievable guitar player and all around musician. Known as much for his tone as his playing he reproduces Lerxst like no one else in the world.


Andy started playing guitar at age 6. Yeah... he's got this.

Murph 1.jpg

Bill "Murph" Murphy - 

Drums, percussion


"Murph" is an energetic, aggressive drummer with the dynamics that Rush demands. He plays every style of music known to man, much like the Professor himself, which lends itself perfectly to the world of Rush. 


A Neil size kit and he knows how to play it!



Ken Gildea - 

Vocals, bass, keys, MIDI pedals


Ken does it all and does it all well. The "Geddy" vocal range, bass playing and everything synth is on point and all there, often at the same time. And he still finds the time to interact and get a crowd going.


How he keeps track of it all we'll never know.

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